about me

Hello dears!

My name is Scarlet, but close friends call me Scar or Scarlita bonita. LOL

I recently graduated with a BA in business administration/marketing from the University of the Incarnate Word. During school I first pursued a degree in fashion merchandising, but then realized that I was better suited towards business.

While skincare/make up is my main focus; I do have other interests. My family is always number one, but I also enjoy my k-drama, k-pop, anime, video games, food (OK… I really like that one), & giving advice. That last one has to be because of the mother hen in me.

Why SanSeoul?

I wanted something that reflected my passions & interests. I combined the name of my home (San Antonio) with Seoul (South Korea) to form SanSeoul. My readers are lovingly referred to as SanSeoulites.

I love searching both locally & internationally for unique & affordable skin care and make up. I have even started shopping for individuals who are interested in Asian skin care. I honestly love helping people discover their best skin. If you have any questions about products or skin concerns feel free to comment or send me a message at sanantonioseoulATgmailDOTcom.

Beauty Profile

Skin tone: tan, I have both warm & cool undertones
Skin type: combination or oily.
Eye color: They change, but usually either green or hazel.
Hair color: Dirty blonde/brown
Hair length: Long
Hair type: Very wavy.
Favorite skincare brands: Missha, Secret Key, Etude House, Skinfood, Nature Republic, & Innisfree.
Favourite make up brands: Etude House, Tarte, & Ulta
General fashion style: Classic casual (I want to wear clothes longer than a single season).

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