NU’EST Concert Experience in Dallas


***This is the first guest post as part of a K-pop Experience series. Please show this new author some love and comment below. If you would like to learn more about Nu’est members you may view a band profile page here***

Written by: Erika R.

After I finally returned home from Dallas, finished homework and had some time off from work I am finally able to write about the Nu’est concert.

A month before the concert, it was announced another Kpop concert was happeneing in Dallas. The first line up of the summer was going to be Nu’est. Now I am not a diehard fan of Nu’est but as a Kpop fan I felt the need to support all Kpop groups coming to Texas. The concert was held by MyMusicTaste at Gilley’s in Dallas’s Downtown area. I purchased my VIP ticket, which included early entry and a meet and greet, and planned my trip. About a week before the concert MyMusicTaste had decided to make the General Admission tickets free to those in line up to 1400 people after VIP ticket holders entered the venue. I expected fans would begin to line up in the early afternoon hoping to get the chance to see Nu’est perform. For those who were there early in line as a special treat Aron passed out water to those waiting in the Texas sun!!! I arrived later to the venue so I missed that excitement. I stood in the VIP line chatting with fans and watching the excitement outside.

Once we were allowed in to the venue, the excitement in the air grew with anticipation. I talked with fans that were squished in front of the stage next to me. They each told me about their love for Nu’est, which member was their Bias and how excited they were to get the chance to see them in concert. Once the lights dimmed and the boys came on stage the atmosphere of the fans intensified. I watched in awe of Nu’est, they sang so well and their dancing was on point. I became a bigger fan as the concert went on, with their interactions with the fans who wouldn’t be? I swear Minhyun and Ren winked and smiled in my direction but who knows who it was really for, let’s just say it was for all of us.


Aron sporting a SpongeBob shirt from a fan. tumblr_inline_mqbyznc0zS1qz4rgp

After the concert the meet and greet included a signing and a picture with the members. First we lined up for the autograph session then went a second time around for the pictures. I took my Re:birth album for them to sign. First was Minhyn then Ren, JR, Aron and Baekho as we went through for signatures. Ren said the most, “I love you” and I think something about cute smile not really sure I was lost in the moment but I do remember him telling my friend she was “so cute!” During my photo with 4 other fans, I stood next to Aron with his arm around me smiled and threw up the peace sigh. It was great, Nu’est was great!

Album sign

Afterwards fans were waiting outside for them to get into their car and leave. My phone had died and I was done for the night so I decided it was time to call it a night. However, I happened to leave the same time as the boy’s vehicles and at the stop light they actually pulled up right next to me with their window down. I could hear them talking but I was too shocked and embarrassed to look over at them. If only my phone hadn’t died or I would have snapped a picture. I was glad I went to see Nu’est, it was a great concert experience and I can’t wait for them to come again.


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