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Local Treasures

Today I decided to brave the rain & go check out Minnano Japanese Grocery. (Click on the link to find their Facebook page). I honestly went in search of sheet mask(s). I have heard that My Beauty Diary is a great brand so I picked up a few for myself & a friend to try out. I think I will debut these on my Mask Mondays so stay tuned!

The store itself was small so I don’t think I would consider it a grocery store. It seems almost like a tourist hotspot. Minnano was stocked to the brim with merchandise, very clean, & all of the staff were super friendly. I even found myself bowing back out of habit. lol Maybe I have watched one too many k-dramas. It seems to be divided up into a few sections consisting mainly of fresh food (meat mostly), snacks, drinks, oils, cookwear, beauty, & small otaku style collectibles & gifts. I walked out with a bag of cute snacks so hopefully they taste as amazing as they look!



Top row (from left to right) : Black Pearl, Natto, & Rice.

Bottom row: Red Wine, Caviar, & Strawberry Yogurt.

These were on sale for 1 x $1.60 or 3 x $3.99. If anyone has tried this brand out please let me know!

If I had to rate this place I would give it 4 out of 5 stars. I honestly wish it was bigger! I was hoping to stock up on some cooking essentials, but I think I will have to check out some other markets in town. As for the sheet masks I am hoping that I have found my new favorite local shop to splurge at!

Until next time my dear SanSeoulites…heart gifheart gif

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Hello my SanSeoulites, annyeonghaseyo! I’m so sorry it has been awhile since my last post. I was completely swamped with finishing my last semester of college. I graduated a week ago with my BA so hooray for me!!! I know you can’t see it, but I’m jumping up & down like a girl who just met her ultimate bias. ^_^  Yes, I am THAT excited! This is great news for you as well. Why, you ask? Because I now have the time to expand and invite you all to something that I have only dreamed about. Of course this is a learning process so please bear with me while everything gets properly sorted. I won’t bore you with the details of building from the ground up, however, if you would like to help out please contact me at

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Welcome to SanSeoul

Hallyu or the Korean wave is alive and well within the United States, particularly in Texas, where the K-pop movement has developed in hopes of being noticed by South Korea entertainment agencies. Hallyu is about more than k-pop though, it is a love of Korean culture along with their heart wrenching k-dramas, skincare, make up, & oh so delicious food. Residing in good ol’ San Antonio, Texas poses its own logistical challenges. Amazon, Drama Fever, & Hulu might be our best friend, but if we would like to see a k-pop group live or buy a variety of beauty merchandise then we must drive to Houston or Dallas or if we’re lucky enough only two hours to Austin! *Gasp* My goal with this blog is to explore San Antonio (along with the surrounding areas) & seek out the most friendly Hallyu people and places.  So subscribe, follow, and comment to stay connected. Kamsahamnida or 감사합니다!