K-drama 101

The world of k-dramas can be daunting for beginners. What do you watch? How has everyone seen the same ones? The lead actor looks strangely similar to my bias. Welcome to dramaland. You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.

Let’s start with the basics. You will often hear the term Hallyu which stands for the Korean cultural wave. Many dramas only consist of a single season which is usually around 20 or so episodes. Part of the reason these dramas are so popular are because they are so short. Many Korean dramas have several titles for the same shows, but this is mostly because of translation within different countries.


Top left to right: Emergency Couple and My Love From Another Star

Bottom left to right: Heirs and Birth of a Beauty

Where to watch:

DramaFever is a free mobile app, but they also offer a subscription that allows you to use a device like Apple TV to stream directly to your television. You can even choose what language you would like for subtitles.

Netflix and Hulu Plus are both subscription services that many people already have. Hulu Plus even has a genre just for Korean dramas!

Soompi also offers free shows or premium service.

There are more sites, but I listed these because they are legal & will be virus free.

While some dramas may be deemed cheesy or just plain bad it seems like everyone has seen certain ones. So let’s give into peer pressure and join in!

10 Cult favorites:

My Love From Another Star




Boys over flowers


Coffee prince

coffee prince

Master’s sun

master's sun

Reply 1994

reply 1994

Reply 1997


Rooftop Prince

rooftop prince

The Moon Embracing the Sun

the moon embracing the sun

Empress Ki


5 Personal favorites:

Emergency Couple

emergency couple

Birth of a Beauty

birth of a beauty2

Sweden Laundry


To the Beautiful You


A Gentleman’s Dignity

A gentlemen's dignity

heart gifheart gifWhat drama will you be watching? Comment below & let me know! heart gifheart gif

The men you love to hate in Birth of a Beauty

You can call it second male lead syndrome or a love for bad boys with the hope they can be fixed, but O-M-G these two can make you forget all about their evil murderous ways. First up we have Jung Gyu-Woon as Lee Kang-Joon the husband/ex-husband of the beautiful Sara (formerly Sa Geum-Ran) who not only cheated on the poor woman, but ran her car off the road in an attempt to kill her so he create a new life with his mistress. Tsk. Tsk. Just look at that face. I can’t say that I blame Sara one bit. At first I would have fell for him too, especially when he proceeds to date his ex-wife who had plastic surgery and is now unrecognizable. He falls for the woman who is comfortably familiar, but still new and exciting. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I don’t see that happily-ever-after thing working out for our Lee Kang-Joon.

image credit: http://www.koreandrama.org/


  • Easy on the eyes I repeat EZ on the eyes.
  • Head of company because no drama is complete without the financially stable villain.
  • Charming (well as charming as Prince Charming a la’ Shrek).


  • Attempted murder (I would say that’s a deal breaker, yes?)
  • C-R-A-Z-Y

Next on our list may be my new bias. Be still my heart. Han Sang-Jin as Han Min-Hyeok the evil half brother of our main character Han Tae Hee and the illegitimate heir to Winner Group. These two men work together while Han Min-Hyeok is definitely the alpha male who calls the shots. Birth of a Beauty toys with our emotions by making us believe that he is just another wealthy lonely man looking for someone to love. He becomes smitten with Sara (like all the other men on the show) and tries to win her affection. His family has a tragic back story & you want to cheer him on, but once he discovers the truth he choses to embrace the evil that has always surrounded him.  While he is a calculated businessman I must give props for his brilliant mind. Our Han Min-Hyeok is cold alright – cold as ice.


Image credit: http://www.hancinema.net


  • The man knows how to rock a suit.
  • Power – he has it & he knows it.
  • Wealthy (because every villain needs funds hun)
  • Gorgeous! Whew!


  • Cold & calculated.
  • He “chooses” to be evil.
  • Attempts to kill his brother. (No!!!)
  • Power – quite the double edged sword for this category.

Who’s your favorite bad guy in dramaland?

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Welcome to SanSeoul

Hallyu or the Korean wave is alive and well within the United States, particularly in Texas, where the K-pop movement has developed in hopes of being noticed by South Korea entertainment agencies. Hallyu is about more than k-pop though, it is a love of Korean culture along with their heart wrenching k-dramas, skincare, make up, & oh so delicious food. Residing in good ol’ San Antonio, Texas poses its own logistical challenges. Amazon, Drama Fever, & Hulu might be our best friend, but if we would like to see a k-pop group live or buy a variety of beauty merchandise then we must drive to Houston or Dallas or if we’re lucky enough only two hours to Austin! *Gasp* My goal with this blog is to explore San Antonio (along with the surrounding areas) & seek out the most friendly Hallyu people and places.  So subscribe, follow, and comment to stay connected. Kamsahamnida or 감사합니다!